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Episode 717: Double Dutch Percolator
May 24, 2018 06:00 PM PDT
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fanfare for the common man long periods of time 17 days secret messages dot net nothing clothy double dutch percolater committed little fist everything you've wanted to know about chance key's in the mailbox let go slingshot got a feelin' wait the need to revolt under the influence of kolera the unanswered question la paloma ensayo de compresion guardian angel (original) I'm still a virgin octopussy

aaron copeland meat beat manifesto prince electric light orchestra battles crank sturgeon malcom mclaren boots randolph unsane love spit love 10cc red lorry yellow lorry buck owens the heartbreakers tarrmac the mamas and the papas wang chung weasel walter quartet muslimgauze charles ives hans albers esplendor geometrico jesu diakof the wedding present

Photo: Lucas Murnaghan

Episode 716: A Possible End For A Dream
May 20, 2018 01:00 PM PDT
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the ghost chained to the past, present, and future I couldn't get high wild is the wind the deck of cards you've been duplicated sus the garden hides the jewel phantom tribe big balls elfmeros sabre dance sense of doubt (mueller mix) gioca decline and fall robot factory B naked 2 big tree blue sea you're not foolin me smile away all of the law a possible end for a dream

the GTO's the fugs patty waters tex ritter chrome the ruts the angels of light yechno animal plunderphonics the flying luttenbachers aram kachaturian david bowie with alex jones F.A.R. flesh for lulu swell maps chris silver golden earring silver apples paul mccartney psychedelic furs chilton taylor thompson

Episode 715: Turn Blue: The Ascension
May 15, 2018 04:00 PM PDT
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think for yourself past point of know return cheezfuk time zones always now take your medication coincidentia oppositorium 3 wild mountain police biz in the future heart of darkness turn blue the ascension hypogirl zampogna glassata beat it forces of oppression it can't happen here over theirs megalomania the joy of noise birmingham blues

beatles microdisney kansas sopranos negativeland section 25 rex merkin beefcake crash worship microwaves sparks pere ubu iggy glenn branca swans non passerines wing pop group mothers of invention wire black sabbath people like us electric light orchestra

New Moon In Taurus
Mars Enters Aquarius
Uranus Enters Taurus
Black Moon Conjunct Pluto

Glenn Branca RIP

Episode 714: Disappointed
May 10, 2018 08:56 PM PDT
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disappointed head all fire kings lead hat leave it fur elise obsession failures baby unto deeper calling happiness is a warm silverbeatle jump thee gun teacher don't teach me no nonsense mecha man on the move it's all too much take a walk

public image limited red lorry yellow lorry brian eno yes and max scordamaglia killing joke joy division iggy pop iszoloscope marc ribot and big city orchestra psychic tv fela kuti larvae mx-80 sound steve hillage split enz

Episode 713: World Just A Lifetime
May 07, 2018 08:00 PM PDT
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poo yai lee you are soul what in the world just a lifetime somethings gone wrong again a short term effect in my mouth (ericka ryder remix) a girl like you loud and clear contamination destiny rapid bliss atomico bonnie and clyde we who are forever grateful salute you beatle bones n smokin stones lava the century trilogy pt2 (empire) hawaiian nights hawaiian war chant

louise kennedy alien sex fiend dukes of stratosphere legendary pink dots buzzcocks the cure sound inhaler wolfgang press evil mothers cows toiling midgets psychic tv richard h kirk boyd and giddle jaanthony/cwk/penultimate winners captain beefheart and the magic band b52's tarantula a.d. kalauki hawaiian orchestra spike jones

Episode 712: Bring Back Reality
May 05, 2018 02:00 AM PDT
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fight from the inside tin omen trosje bossa noir DPI to BPM big bird harmonika don't miss the great snatch outdoor miner always into something the beast suppertime why is this commercial loreley wonderful wino troglodyte the prophet am I three variations on the canon in d major french catalogs a) looking at trees b) vocus solus 2 I'll be on the water funk for your ass portable men's society der mussolini grajcan roztocki palm trees in the fecking bahamas rh02 moonlight serenade bring back reality an eternal view of the future (lilac with heart shaped leaves)

queen skinny puppy duuster lene lovich kraftwerk evolution control committee wire nwa sleep chamber walter brennan negativeland kolsch jeff simmons jimmy castor bunch the spacious mind brian eno david coulter akron family fred wesley guided by voices DAF polish gold helmet don caballero mlada fronta santo and johnny snakefinger mlumbo

Clusterfuck In Capricorn

Art: Louis Wain

Episode 711: Erectomet The Great
May 01, 2018 05:00 PM PDT
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dance on stilts hora decubitus brainwash (edit) pick it up what's your name warhorns of mars I'll take care of the kids what's the matter with kids today stone cold crazy space oddity variations beltane here comes disorientation dupree's paradise knots snake style ram goat liver ka wa oka niu haohao neurological engineering erectomet the great deciever off night backstreet tragic seed le choses ne moon turn the tides gently away dance away music non stop on come on toxic tv (censored mix by converter)

blue oyster cult charles mingus flipper 999 meat beat manifesto desmond leslie lost in space paul lynde queen mike gerson with swifty's bazaar jethro tull inxs ontal frank zappa gentle giant source direct pluto shervington geo pokini the anti group corpration helios creed king crimson joni mitchell jarboe charles premier jimi hendrix roxy music kraftwerk nocturnal emissions mlada fronta

Happy Beltane

Episode 710: Windmills Of Your Mind
April 28, 2018 07:00 PM PDT
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idhi oka navadanavanam bunga bunga blended beavers australia ohio (hossi fine remix) I have no mouth and I must scream cenotaph mental prison stand beside him (power) auf der reeperbahn crosswires rope performance mr jones mother earth within breathing water sonatina windmills of your mind anti war dub operation mind control soul control prisencolinensinaincuiasol hop off africa fucking moon scatterin monkey a really good time we shall cleanse the world scrapyard you and me against the world

chiranjeevi of cabbages and kings wild wild country charles hayward hassan hakmoun skeleton sludge this heat scott adams converter hans albert xtc jesus lizard happy mondays psychedelic furs jesu neurosis neurosis and jarboe world of skin bartok noel harrison digital mystikz skull vs ice petr kling adriano celentano fletcher henderson big marvel evolution control committee boom boom satellites roxy music revolting cocks skinny puppy helen reddy

Full Moon In Scorpio
Photograph: Sara Shakeel

Episode 709: Shadowtime
April 21, 2018 06:00 PM PDT
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shadowtime (eclipse mix) the 15th will we survive blood red new machine metal axiom join together cindy you twist I shout new new project x little park train muon valley fandango freestyle ignorecam till tom special black moon she's as beautiful as a foot moonshake shut up, be happy chop warp offday (2133 mix) burn baby burn

siouxie and the banshees wire swans the call tuxedomoon gary numan union furnace the who D. Ray White 8 eyed spy dna mothers of invention gurdonark john jasnoch anthony donovan and alex pissed jeans lionel hampton killing joke blue oyster cult can ice t w/ jello biafra ufo or die starfish pool nocturnal emissions

Sun Enters Taurus
Moon in Opposition to Black Moon and Mars

Episode 708: The Hand That Feeds The Thump
April 18, 2018 07:00 PM PDT
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slow down out of control psychedelic situation japanese drive thru lagos city gimme the mermaid last one in my mouth is a jerk male stripper glam racket - star go to work drunk locked in the nuclear bunker forever and no escape moten swing singin femme fatale rain is falling suspicion one less worry never bite the hand that feeds the thump you go funk personal blow job polonaise and A flat major I had a dream

balaam and the angel oingo boingo jimmy curtiss wall stretcher asiko rock group negativeland shorty man2man meet man parrish the fall mens recovery project E M I R S and furchick bennite moten's kansas city orchestra people like us electric light orchestra terry stafford pere ubu boomtown rats meat beat manifesto return to the acid planet sun city girls vladimer horowitz performing chopin john sebastian

Sun Conjunct Uranus
Mars Conjunct Black Moon
Saturn Stations Retrograde

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