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Episode 700
March 17, 2018 03:00 AM PDT
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too much water head down deep waters vapor recovery bionic octopi imagine waking up a mellow horn the swan holy water they said tomorrow cry baby eat your chips my family is a little weird astro boy saddle tramp do the du ground control greet no one tuxedo junction camouflage monkey the ocean cried "blue murder" 32 hours of eternity moonchild real love stay les invisibles

utopia nine inch nails manufactura cellular you people one true dog org clara rockmore wall stretcher abecedarians big city orchestra unknown MDC dwarves dickless a certain ratio siegfried krcher and john bisset jukka-pekka kervinen and anthony donovan erskine hawkins cows legendary pink dots iszoloscope fields of the nephilim swans the blue nile blue oyster cult

New Moon In Pisces

Episode 699: World Radial Tire Iron
March 14, 2018 03:00 AM PDT
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trails long live the gathering ladybird heart of glass wax and wane criminal world two romanian dances revised music for guitar and low budget orchestra less than now (dead weight) the statue of st francis when I grow too old to dream forty three fuck you's sign off and the news I wanna rule the world radial tire iron words of advice for young people everybody's stupid daydream welcome to my revolution

lil spaceman ophir llzetski xtc this mortal coil cocteau twins metro bartok frank zappa larvae lawrence ferlinghetti slim whitman negativeland 10cc larsen the sweet sound of chaos william s burroughs sparks smashing pumpkins utopia

First Major Solar Storm Of 2018
Pi Day
RIP Stephen Hawking
Einstein's Birthday

Episode 698: Orthogenesis
March 10, 2018 03:00 AM PST
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overture the choir message oblique speech music from another planet orthogenesis little arrows skyliner circles of mania you've got to know when impassion ping dong music box I'm a party play this game drinking wine spodyody does caroline know awaking to a dream I turn in her waves octo realm ketamine sun ring of fire under my bed van services retro I'm gonna dress in black I don't care he used to cut the grass that's all

bugs bunny hour a certain ratio the associates the bran flakes jozef malovec leapy lee charlie barnet coil people like us cut hands dino felipe and toxic chicken paul jones magazine utopia pere ubu talk talk ocean blue zanias the fall wall of voodoo ptsd flux information sciences bailter space them evolution control committee frank zappa mel torme

Photograph By Brooke Di Donato

Episode 697: Crossroads Bear Witness
March 07, 2018 03:00 AM PST
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majorca lorca not orca grannyquaized at the crossroads bear witness gasp over mode eyes fuck scared healer resolution sweet revenge pinheads on the move turning point by your grace rose of los angeles orgasmic delight seventh heaven all night lazy

john cooper clarke coil ch district crime city solution dr octagon ag davis and jaan patterson infected mushroom wizard in danger sweet converter modern english tuxedomoon back door beaver and krause angels of light dino felipe and toxic chicken pale sketcher add n to x

Episode 696: Motion Taken
March 04, 2018 03:00 PM PST
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time and motion taken by ascent she's a river I of IV the wanton song carmic waltz central park in the dark should god forget god o.d. I don't believe in evolution it's a good day winter games

charles hayward six organs of admittance simple minds pauline oliveros led zeppelin people like us charles ives psychedelic furs meat beat manifesto evolution control committee peggy lee superchunk

Episode 695: Beyond The Walls Of Jericho
March 01, 2018 06:00 PM PST
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what I must do mr crammons coffee angels ghosts and the breath of freedom gnoti seuton electric newspaper /my goldf game's been pretty crappy of late confessional fathers day big buzz delete yourself the gentleman blue danube illisit slave planet institution oblivion erg lore penis from sandman beyond the walls of jericho

devo toxic chicken archetypes and relics gfh with alex jones
psychic tv with lisa renee and AN Eel
ag davis jesu and sun kil moon killing joke popsimonova night vapor esquivel skinny puppy chrome captain beyond anthony donovan paul dolden

Full Moon In Virgo

Episode 694: Illusion Of Power
February 26, 2018 02:00 PM PST
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winning side liars beware new way quick wash and brush up with liberation theology the illusion of power christianity glory going out of my head I predict a riot take your clothes off when you dance countless backs of sad losers brujerias ratzfatz pearls girl (14966) we ate sand 4th plane drifter sunny period it's all over now baby blue

oingo boingo richard hell and the voidoids big flame black sabbath wolfgang press cold cave dionne warwick bonzo dog band mother of invention jesus lizard eduardo cossio and sage pbbbt earth underworld karp not breathing kalistongue bob dylan

Episode 693
February 24, 2018 03:00 AM PST
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mickey mouse product patrol refuse korgkaos ventricular refibrillation the skies over monolith mountain towtruck ambulance for one valley to pray salbutamol crowd surfing lavender blue music response amazing mimischlager journey seven samurai IGA giant pineapple party when all else fails yellow light crocodile perfume liquid eyeliner hochofenballet birds fly

sparks cabaret voltaire larvae yarhkob jackofficers totimoshi hunters and collectors microdisney arlo guthrie ania courtis dinah shore the chemical brothers otto von rhinau and roger daltrey fumio hayasaka the evolution control committee savage republic circus mort gone postal psychic tv strafe fur rebellion icicle works

Episode 692
February 21, 2018 03:00 AM PST
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primitive romans crawl reach out of the darkness dominican fade repitition sons and fascination burnt toast and black coffee haley's mo the congo show voices of angels the warm plateau of fuzz overture epilogue insistent meat drink hrandei shut me down claudia we're all muhammeds now get it get it dub me crazy

killing joke the sopranos of cabbages and kings friend and lover battles helmet simple minds mike pedicin old radio commercial dino felipe and toxic chicken blackhouse contingence mimetic mothers of invention weasel walter a quality without a name crank sturgeon godflesh perez prado negativeland girl talk boom boom satellites

Episode 691
February 18, 2018 03:00 PM PST
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crack naked eye desire the magical fairy princess the man who dies every day larger than life time watch I want a cookie boots oh no what we had today obduction leaving a php's advice rose madder lost like this slowdance et cetera teardrops

big black simple minds tuxedomoon the bran flakes ultravox atom heart klinik evolution control committee johnny thunders girl talk jonteknik helios creed gong international observer oingo boingo matthew dear microwaves santo and johnny

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