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Episode 683: Snake Dance Vendetta
January 20, 2018 03:00 AM PST
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g-man hoover born under punches the lady in the car with glasses and a gun snake dance vendetta ready men ad man the individual prefer not to a feeling felbomlasztott mentokocsi inkirenkiko couchburn 2 I don't wanna go out it take all night long everyday walk away chrome country emergency room glow girl

van dyke parks talking heads scars the march violets fantomas big black bailter space spiritualized sifir minny pops venetian snares unknown artist fanny x gary glitter people like us jk flesh oneohtrix point never engineers the who

Episode 682: Fly Paper
January 15, 2018 11:00 AM PST
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where even the darkness is something to see jacobs ladder climbing up the walls for you slow inquiry dizzy dizzy I am the fly paper money piss on your dog today all I need bolero prelude to king kong say no more son

coil bruce hornsby radiohead architect a.r. jones can wire montrose crime jaguwar my bloody valentine ravel mothers of invention bob ostertag jethro tull

New Moon In Capricorn

Episode 681: Invisible Man Escaped
January 11, 2018 10:00 AM PST
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unfinished business when I see you when you're near me I have difficulty sometimes dang me forget all about it the 4th dimension in a little spanish town arriving UFO I married a martian invisible man escaped breakdown turn the heater on do animals believe in god achtung the rain ruins over the north I need 2 see u unite gurl one on one estrella the mighty atom smasher the end if there is something

au pairs thompson twins xtc big flame roger miller nazz devo ray charles yes sparks dark day toxic chicken buzzcocks new order pink military david fenech sabled sun strange meat hall and oates gridlock techno animal nico roxy music

Episode 680: Come Winter Rain
January 07, 2018 11:00 AM PST
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here comes the war only losers take the bus surprise surprise minus something come winter rain fellini lonesome electric turkey no I'm not coming out fuckin shitass people furbal communication a laing story (more rd than kd) dead man in my bed totally wired scorn it was a very good year I'm in love with a german film star RhO hail the white grain j'aime boire du rhum love for sale mother whale eyeless

new model army fatima mansions cop shoot cop swans sol invictus feeding goats the mothers cows life sex death barbara streisand toxic chicken and furchick coffin boffin nick cave the fall mars frank sinatra the passions mlada fronta death in june unknown artist talking heads eno

Sun Venus Pluto Conjunction

Episode 679: Pied Piper Apostrophe
January 01, 2018 12:00 PM PST
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the punk and the godfather moving hands stolen let's buy happiness relatively optimistic notions dinner music for a pack of hungry cannibals song from the edge of the world/the river that runs with love pied piper apostrophe the mafia stole my guitar obession talk to a stranger land of the 57 chevy the art of self defense march of the black queen/funny how love is the next day plans that fade false hope hole in the sky tunnel of goats xiii mon tout petit amour

the who klinik ministry boys noize negativeland harry roy siouxie and the banshees/swans crispian st peters frank zappa alex harvey killing joke hunters and collectors cabbages and kings jesus lizard queen david bowie jesu org black sabbath coil chevro lg

Full Moon in Cancer

Episode 678: Failure Ov The Maenad
December 29, 2017 11:00 AM PST
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adorations I hope I don't run out of weed translucent carriages yellow elevator #2 live lostwood march of the feathered friends dacoit guild abbasong baby preacher/jazz got fuckd dragon song let's all make a bomb adventures in failure ov the maenad get a little it's not easy the national hummm cowboys in africa smiling monarch she doesn't need your money repeat I'm not in love redpill the stream hollywood babylon a different kind of tension 40 versions save the planet saucers

killing joke rex merkin pearls before swine the black angels smash hermetic moon gratte toxic chicken and furchick muslimgauze one minute wanda ag davis good god heaven 17 mc 900 ft jesus psychic warriors ov gaia mothers of invention roy wood people like us bush tetras abecedarians cambodian cassette archive this heat talking heads old school astoria misfits buzzcocks wire de fabriek legendary pink dots

Photo: Jarboe

Episode 675: Anti Grid PD
December 10, 2017 01:00 AM PST
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right now coup houses in motion a clearing/love of my life kometenmelodie1/love will tear us apart gathering dust a day why are we alive looking glass girl thrash einer schraube dream a little dream of me anti grid pd immigrant rebellion communist eyes now a major motion picture the last of the teenage idols

mel torme 23 skidoo talking heads brian eno and queen kraftwerk and ian curtis modern english clan of xymox swans the glove surrism doris day goth trad mlada fronta kd reeder germs international observer the sensational alex harvey band

Episode 674: Meat For The Masses
December 06, 2017 01:00 AM PST
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grand funk railroad - mark says alright
roxy music - pyjamarama
sensational alex harvey band - faith healer
yes - sound chaser
eta beta vs the scumfrog vs david bowie - loving the alien
underworld and steven tyler - push back upstairs in the saddle
gus gus - purple
emilio cubero - meat for the masses
the weirdos - fort usa
todd rundgren with starfish pool and friends - lock jaw lock groove
pere ubu - misery goats
incredible string band - the mad hatter's song
the fall - antidotes
microwaves - new addition
them - here comes the night
toxic chicken - the best depressed
synapscape - berator
steven jesse bernstein - morning in the sub basement of hell
fresh flesh flash - for the rest of my life
simple minds - the floating world
f.a.r. - io non moriro' mai
karjalan sissit - worship
the the - beyond love

Episode 673: Gemini Supermoon
December 03, 2017 03:00 AM PST
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that's really super, supergirl super thing est trip to the moon moonlight you will say to here knows when the revenge of vera gemini marquee moon see you on the strut blood on the moon 44 degrees (the moon is not what it seems) je voux ton amour I am alone again and lost guiltless project 80

xtc devo alien sex fiend current 93 my bloody valentine blue oyster cult television asmus tietchens oblivian substanshall chrome tarrmac with david icke section 25 rex merkin psychic tv cabaret voltaire

Full Moon In Gemini
Mercury Conjunct Saturn
Mercury Stations Retrograde
Jupiter Trine Neptune
Saturn Conjunct Pleroma
Sun Square Neptune

Episode 672: Thing Scraper
November 30, 2017 05:00 PM PST
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mothra we don't need no fascist groove thing scraper vitamin c my spine is the bassline making flippy floppy jutter/coke bugs 59 to 1 little guns it's your voodoo working 20th century fox (swifty's bazaar mix) winter hill dead acid society teenage lightning (surgeon remix) douglas leader cloud of unknowing candidate heroin third uncle emerald the city kansas drop

larvae heaven 17 liquid liquid can shriekback talking heads darius and william s burroughs tuxedomoon oingo boingo charles sheffield jim morrison a certain ratio starfish pool coil bitch magnet swans bowie lou reed 801 thin lizzy fleetwood mac wolfgang press meat beat manifesto

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