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Episode 662: Onomatopoeia
October 16, 2017 06:12 PM PDT
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slum creeper chicago less cities more moving people seasons of wither to the hilt auntie gin's theme rosie achoo onomatopoeia cool for cats the vest song I'll have to dance then on my own e-musik amos moses empty cartridge autumn leaves back to nature

calla robert fripp with peter hammill the fixx aerosmith golden earring george martin orchestra godley and creme todd rundgren squeeze id m theft able bromp treb and gastric female reflex the mekons neu! sensational alex harvey band unsane miles davis magazine

Moon Conjunct Mars

Episode 661: The Apocryphal Market
October 12, 2017 03:06 PM PDT
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the in crowd suzanne privilege oops up side your head popcorn affair to remember the right side on the surface slang king recording 9 the apocryphal market the calling sub island all of these governors farandula you won't get me home I travel lindy's party

mamas and the papas flying lizards the fixx the gap band hot butter dinah washington starfuckers pere ubu the fall crank sturgeon iszoloscope death in june skream the evens las tuneless fatima mansions simple minds the bolshoi

Moon Square Uranus

Photo by John Riegert

Episode 660: Flambay Sunburst Crawl
October 08, 2017 07:40 PM PDT
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elastique rubberboschingalong baby I love you friends come to daddy life of crime deep in the shadow you bastard yellow trash bazooka the sound of someone you love who is going away and it doesn't matter kick in the testes return of the kourma lover soutinbi flambay sunburst crawl from the wreckage

charlotte gainsbourg crank sturgeon ronettes led zep virgin prunes weirdos 999 alternative tv gerogerigegege penguin cafe orchestra nocturnal emissions enduser hassan hakmoun frank zappa loop engineers

Moon Opposition Jupiter

Episode 659: Magnifishit Dance
October 04, 2017 12:17 AM PDT
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walking on your hands the olde trip to jerusalem up the hill backwards leave me in autumn the chill air silver moon louis xiv youthless I'll be your jonny on the spot cats away me! I disconnect from you butterfly dance magnifishit dancing with kadafi miraculozoom hoover corone cold spell

red lorry yellow lorry mekons bowie scars harold budd and brian eno david sylvian wolfgang press beck ween lene lovich gary numan diary of dreams skinny puppy infected mushroom Lil and moonroom duuster lunar quiet

Full Moon In Aries

Episode 658: To Blow Chains
September 30, 2017 06:45 PM PDT
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a moment like this crazy wisdom als wär's das letzte mal your master is calling the hungry wolf like to blow chains timesteps no clocks exactly what we've been waiting for lost and found wha! wha! she said what makes love grow acid police they shall not pass

fra lippo lippi section 25 D.A.F. pink turns blue x the fall wolfgang press wendy carlos pylon mark browne and trauma sutra bill reiflin robert fripp and trey gunn plastic bertrand the cramps shit spangled banner boredoms the ex

Mars Trine Pluto

Episode 657: Will This Lift Nothing
September 27, 2017 08:02 AM PDT
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smell of metal crispy bacon how will this lift nothing the bitter end - you can't do that return of the roughnecks typical american family nipple twist mind problems beware the african mosquito knife slits water night school annals of sanctity holy mugger divinity 1000 knives the past sure is tense furbelch

charles hayward laurent garnier jared c balogh john cooper clarke george martin the chameleons fred frith return to the acid planet the tape beatles nurse with wound a certain ratio frank zappa TAGC fatima mansions ibis yellow magic orchestra captain beefheart E.M.I.R.S. and furchick

Jupiter Opposition Uranus

Episode 656: Glass House Horrors
September 23, 2017 08:23 AM PDT
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he's read farenheit 451 now I'm a farmer you're all talk by the rivers of babylon a secret life glass house horrors upon us he's an arabian blindness wrong place right time legs of a woman head of a man get up get down the man who refused to be unhappy come in... no go away

red lorry yellow lorry utopia the who cheap trick martha and the muffins brian eno and david byne gesaffelstein psychedelic furs sp3ct3rs chris and cosey of cabbages and kings the fall ehrfurcht observatory technotronic ebm swans people like us

Post Equinox

Episode 655: What Buddy Was Testing For
September 19, 2017 11:03 PM PDT
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maps of the world Nr12 border control what do you care golden goose play the inexplicable danger what buddy was testing for jeopardy whippings and apologies monte carlo telephone call from the 70's tishbite genius spit lipstick vogue venus are you losing me time after time a fox in the henhouse gone can I go now

comsat angels PARAL-LEL cellular chaos robert palmer todd rundgren blkmas 54-40 jerky boys sparks mott climax golden twins cocteau twins test dept. leech woman elvis costello santo and johnny toxic chicken electric light orchestra anthony osborne and ungetreu M83 pale sketcher

New Moon In Virgo
Mercury Opposition Neptune

Episode 654: Locust Girl Come Out (A Pest Reckoning)
September 16, 2017 06:00 PM PDT
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I can't touch you anymore ordinary bummer veiled new day rising something familiar 7 years locust girl come out what's on your mind alice rules and regulations everybody wants to rule the world we're always talking chessmaster from hell hit more horror a pest reckoning the world's a mess it's in my kiss

magnetic fields iggy jesu husker du curve love spit love one true dog skin information society sister of mercy public image limited teears for fears jerry harrison jonny cohen's love machine ashtray boy us maple red krayola with art and language the fall x

Photo: Peter Hollinger

Episode 653: Presence Circumference Glow
September 13, 2017 06:05 PM PDT
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she looked up from examining the freckles on her arm and shouted, "jesus! I'm fucking god-damn tired of all this make-up sex!" and he just stared off.
emotional blackmail zero return twist inexact replies saved the presence circumference glow in the dark spoonful of sugar wild sex strange pursuit resistance is futile

giraffes?giraffes! uk subs bailter space tones on tail 6or7 swans crispy ambulance phylr dive mary poopins oingo boingo devo laibach

Venus Conjunct North Node
Moon Opposition Pleroma
Sun Square Saturn

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