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Episode 762: True Believers Surpassing The Corporeal
April 13, 2019 12:00 AM PDT
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botch a me gomez smash grab hankerchief head fight the power apron strings depressed saturated walled people like us true believers surpassing the corporeal state bringer of the luciferian flame 5 inquisition electroacoustique collage we work silently GBVRH stick insect (monitor mix) sad satan final one tin soldier halo love (black hole sun) eleanor's cake (which ate her) final solution we are glass movin' out subhuman blue oyster cult

rosemary clooney vic mizzy people like us meat beat manifesto isley brothers with candace owens john enwhistle lezet swans black angels S.E.T.I. with lisa renee hexentanz haiku with banned information skinny puppy ziurmuzik toxic chicken and furchick ewald spiss psychic tv weird al qaida coven josephine muller and ian linter with chris cornell kevin ayers pere ubu gary numan aerosmith blue oyster cult

Welcome to the Astrological New Year
Faeries Dancing In The Setting Sun

Photo: First Photograph Of A Black Hole [Zoomed Out]

Episode 761: Run On Wrong Eye
March 31, 2019 12:00 AM PDT
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run on wrong eye hide and seek up from the deep five percent for nothing tidal wave I can't live in a livingroom spaceship lover stars cities katacumorip hop my son jim thats when the music takes me man in the environments mirror michael jackson morgen wird der wald gefegt plastic people knock em dead kid cocktails for two das quietschende bett achtung the rain sharkeys day uncertain smile word made flesh Q ambient works vol.II 2:6 memory drift psalm

elvis presley coil lillian dupree the tubes yes john foxx red zebra paul st john youth and gaudi talking heads mutant tri people like us neil sedaka MJ and bunfly negativeland palais schaumburg mothers of invention motley crue spike jones ostro 430 david fenech laurie anderson the the todd rundgren 7ii aphex twin s.e.t.i. roxy music

Episode 760: Snake Bite Sun Fuck
March 24, 2019 12:00 AM PDT
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seoul music we rule the world thymin erg lore penis from sandman et al deejaying is gay yeah! snake bite sunfucker love you sperm warfare jingle jangle jingle there are other worlds (they have not told you of) darkness before dawn phobos II pride in your pocket when the time comes untitled glitterbal grain of encouragement (still...) the continuing story of bungalow bill I got a right slippery people before the kiss (a redcap) prog rock medley eight miles high at a later date the descent of long satan and babylon in the grip of a tyrefitters hand taken alive tropical hot dog night voodoo music offering speech samples senses a storm breaks reclamation tender lumplings I started a joke

yellow magic orchestra tuning circuits bob meanza anthony donovan toxic chicken the jets the sensational alex harvey band swans starfuckers AG davis and the boyplusgirl kay kyser sun ra and his arkestra killing joke iszoloscope jonteknik ultravox coil simple minds lezel and greg lake the beatles iggy and the stooges mavis staples with arcade fire blue oyster cult ruins golden earring joy division current 93 budgie hard stuff captain beefheart m'lumbo converter wall stretcher new order boomtaoen rats skinny puppy oingo boingo bee gees

Episode 759: Spider Pidgeon Human Animal Hybrids
March 17, 2019 03:00 AM PDT
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Ti face meets glass the thin wall clean bridges (the mighty hamburger) sweet forgiveness you'll never forget AC3 EMP Hardened catch as catch can getting to know you the spider pidgeon human animal hybrids cloudbusting we're all light shine on you crazy diamond sleep crystal wrists not love erotic city die heide trigger cut nothing ever happened magic word herr direktor who do you think you are rat bat blue 12 tripping madly daily dig a dik dig it my way big log

mlada fronta actors ultravox the gist with evolution control committee section 25 the world of skin lagowski RAQ VB the king and I with anton mobin deadzoo murmurists and banned information kate bush xtc pink floyd boomtown rats peter murphy trilogy prince people like us pavement deerhunter fucked up microdisney frank zappa gentle giant deep purple fivers stereo toxic chicken skinny puppy negative harmony robert plant

Episode 758: Mercury Stations Retrograde/ New Moon In Pisces
March 04, 2019 05:00 PM PST
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neverending ufo's are real anger diffusion give it up no easy street shoot high aim low swastika girls primary gateway the memory pond eden sorrow tears and blood so you want to be a rock and roll star six days on the road diamond life copper frh-ags/ la carre okot- ffm briefcase boogie night train boomboombangbang rant number 5 the boys in the band the provider cute chaos/pleaidian message for new moon in pisces new moon on monday lost in time life's what you make it intergalactic diesel zoo your path to divinity always here in my heart

architect mc 900ft jesus skinny puppy cabaret voltaire talk talk psychedelic furs yes eno and fripp with joe rogan alex jones and eddy bravo seti robin crutchfield talk talk fela kuti patti smith group dave dudley dino felipe adam bohman and adrian northover frank zappa buddy morrow harley cream francis e dec gentle giant michael gira crush with barbara goldsmith duran duran the satelliters talk talk ohm mantra eaters jesu world party al martino

Views expressed in this episode do not necessarily reflect the views of Guess Behemoth Podcast

"Flying Fish" by James Marsh

In Memory of Mark Hollis 1955 - 2019

Episode 757: Down The Sawdust Trail
February 16, 2019 11:00 PM PST
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thanks to you
eat liver
who took berlin part one
push the button
call it what you will
break it down again
hello susie
belatedly the embroilment of the she she it it
tighter tighter
we are the dead
dead finks don't talk
snake farm
killing game (autechre remix)
the nancy and mary music
up from the skies
smoke and fire
nobody's fault but mine
morning pedro
down the sawdust trail
untold stories/son of sam
high hopes
no problem
with our love
no more tears
long long long

devo laibach tarantula a.d. negativeland utopia tears for fears blue oyster cult the move to live and shave in l.a. alive and kicking bowie eno ray wylie hubbard skinny puppy frank zappa jimi hendrix lord sutch and heavy friends led zeppelin milligramme liza minelli and joel grey people like us jimmy swaggart meat beat manifesto frank sinatra tripwire talking heads KLF beatles

Episode 756: Don't Hide What You Feel (Vermillion Cockroaches)
January 30, 2019 12:00 AM PST
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what in the world what in the world tend ny garden opiate sun promises of eternity hot head the elimination of incompetence in dreams we bathe in fish ponds don't hide what you feel vermillion/cockroaches de module chicken train that's the game later is now twenty years ago bring me my longbow king of snake (slame rmx) minute by minute rest cure zilch tout seul hills of mexico mine's full of maggots it don't matter to me wave weakling grazing in the grass snorkel every 1's a winner

david bowie dukes of stratosphere james gang jesu magnetic fields night vapor flying luttenbachers dino felipe and toxic chicken gus gus lagowski/banned information gridlock black oak arkansas wet devo magazine utopia underworld girl talk crazy world of arthur brown monkeees anton mobin roscoe holcomb alien sex fiend bread ORG swans hugh masekela gurdonark hot chocolate

Episode 755: Lunar Eclipse In Leo 2019
January 20, 2019 06:00 PM PST
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nebulo 8 hole in the sky Y003b2 cp farvel dismal orb human streams dada what does this button do repair 12 dimensional shield building technique ending tears the center moonlight in glory remind me to smile marquee moon let there be light awaken more light

SETI black sabbath beefcake section 25 allikealarm coil det weihl a quality without a name displacer lisa renee clutter helios creed david byrne and brian eno gary numan television pink floyd yes utopia

Full Cosmic Gateway Opening Super Blood Moon Eclipse In Leo