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Episode 751: New Language
November 02, 2018 01:00 PM PDT
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nite flights deep passover colony changes chim chimery five o'clock world andromeda's suffering another bloody election Mrwizardunbounced and your bird can sing hail to the princess up to me james bond the warriors harden my dick up the punks pivotal film cherish superman zampogna glassala as the submarine sinks the world looks red the world looks black make a wish the tea master and the assassin when spirits rise new language bestie spontaneous minimalist composition honky tonk man low darkness darkness bim bam boom what you see equisetum fucking arvense lost zwawa one jeannie beats four of a kind/emerging in the annex/pictillion white punks on dope

walker brothers moody blues joy division dick van dyke dave clark five alice coltrane killing joke viscera[e] beatles disneyshit jethro tull m'lumbo mlada fronta my dick add n to x guided by voices farmers manual/association epilogue non passerines andrew kirejev and astma swans tom chapin glaxo babies simple minds yes eugenio sanna frank zappa marty robbins cracker posessed forbidden zone oingo boingo astral social club muslimgauze I dream of jeannie/richard lainhart/chris and dave/zoologic the tubes

Photograph: Frank Lauman

Episode 750: A Comet Appears
October 22, 2018 01:00 PM PDT
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during migraine glimmer the water song a comet appears august if I were britannia I'd waive the rules sooner than now a2012/drawback club red edit bat chain puller messiah this time nimm mich mit kapitan auf der reise unknown wrecks zenergy no wisdom rosalyn ex0209 ancient child

anthony donovan bailter space incredible string band the shins love budgie sin cos tan sound inhaler captain beefheart godflesh inxs hans albers the mekons test dept. enduser david bowie jukka-pekka-kervinen dragonwyck

The Sun leaves Libra and enters Scorpio

Episode 749: The Ripe Beneath The Rind
October 18, 2018 10:00 PM PDT
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jigsaw urbana chicago night unified practice domino caligari's mirror biefield work remix by silk saw chika ma way baby (camel toe mix) bum in an alley satans little lamb music with sound part two it's the music so alien mayzelle the history of the world the ripe beneath the rind change a friend I call desire the ocean

psychic tv savak damian olsen richard knight and noise research the cramps pere ubu synapscape hawerchuk cows ethel merman the tape beatles meat beat manifesto cdatakill calla gang of four cattle decapitation sparks ultravox the anti group

Episode 748: Forbidden Colours
October 12, 2018 09:00 PM PDT
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sukiyaki candy o jerk daphne inuit song drowning in a sea of bliss (as boys grow mix) devonian upper cemelim alone again or the words get stuck in my throat sea clic bitter fingers song for nico the best way to travel helica fosses oiseaux mvnt (who are you) symphony 5 fourth movement spare chaynge making plans for nigel memory boy forbidden colours

kyu sakamoto the cars todd rundgren people like us nocturnal emissions strafe f.r. erkin koray the damned war of the gargantua's bassin versant elton john angels of light moody blues christopher guiraud and ensemble la grive with the who tchaikovsky jefferson airplane xtc deerhunter ryuchi sakamoto

Episode 747
October 10, 2018 01:00 AM PDT
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blown a wish all of my thoughts banstyle yle (alan reese mix) murderous electrics golimar posthuman inglow sun in a bottle pocket demise sexual orientation corporate lunge forward the night hunter voice of collapse no point of destination (crooked man) set the controls for the heart of the sun pack up your troubles in your old kit bag the uncle meat variations tony's dream ducks on the wall blown a wish temptation eyes

my bloody valentine spiritualized underworld nitzer ebb a flock of seagulls donga jk flesh mike keneally gin house autotistic EBM public image limited waaves mlada fronta larvae olga nosova/michael gira pink floyd spike jones mothers of invention the sopranos the kinks japancakes the grass roots

New Moon in Libra

Episode 746: Breaking A Past Gone Mad
October 03, 2018 11:00 PM PDT
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night flight nite flights temptation tide amazing grace I'm going to send my pigeons to the sky breaking a past gone mad suzanne oleh oleh bandu bandong basic methodology medication for children and seniors hakeem alkimi electric chairman more&more&more turn it down you're the top klongput song smells like teen spirit descending bass playfully the gift drive the flogging blue savannah the rise a merman I should turn to be [necklace of tears] supple hope

led zeppelin fatima mansions sebadoh chris squire golden earring adkins the fall nina simone kevin ayers dronelock/ontal phylum sinter muslimgauze servovalve return to acid planet the orb cole porter co shin ensemble kurt cobain isaac beers esquivel mark hollis ayato and naoki ishida dj relish erasure automat jimi hendrix [with 7 from life] jesu

Episode 745: Whirl Dead Right
October 01, 2018 02:41 AM PDT
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sense of doubt get it in loves in vein a sign le denominateur commun punch and judy sagbukken night theme depth charge ethel whirl dead right anytime you want me (not knowing mix) SOrrr_Y_sorry_Sorry for the Confusion occidentosis I am a prayer hey, citronella! the advantages of temporary baldness devoured loudest shop vac in the world tyne wear iza grada (this empire is nothing) yes it is the revealing science of god - dance of dawn

david bowie hot poop cabaret voltaire klinik iszoloscope bitch magnet espron iggy pop and james williamson grinderman jesus lizard S T F U the who with outcome unknown AN Eel chris tonelli and furchick brown angel blunderbuss 90 day men hurl jk flesh don caballero battles jurica jellic with current 93 beatles yes

Pluto Stations Direct
Houses Of The Holy

Episode 744: Isle Of Everywhere
September 28, 2018 11:11 PM PDT
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frozen feuds-set liebe-evagatory-ANS C-symphony of the planets 4 disgusted the fat lady of limbourg leb wohl miss fortune-study for microphone guitar colony of slippermen dead calm 2:42 cry the clock said k229 broken please please my life 5 acts of penance "D"thing isle of everywhere shore lined poison remix

popeye-EHEIM1000220-murmurists-coil-nasa voyager atrax morgue eno neu! art lande and alan mclean genesis karjalan sissit dither gary numan RAQ VB tears for fears devo oingo boingo [sons of anrachy] bailter space gong skinny puppy

Art: Boris Artzybasheff

Episode 742: Summer Moved On
September 20, 2018 11:00 PM PDT
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iceberg morning light gypsy from now on the state fistfunkin halo pearl necklace legs larry at television center it's grim up north hang out with wires jesus children of america I'm the slime miles away pink panther knock em flyin la palomita123 souvenirs piou piou cry it's more fun to compute visions through other minds benediction metal machine music 3 autumn equinox regal summer moved on

org jesu uriah heep pavement bailter space de fabriek depeche mode galan pixis john cale klf furchick stevie wonder frank zappa fleetwood mac unknown artist guided by voices ayato and naoki ishida godley and creme kraftwerk SETI lustmord lou reed coil a-ha

The Last Day Of Summer 2018

Photo : [detail] Jeremy Kost

Episode 740: Heartbeat Destination
September 13, 2018 01:00 AM PDT
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the future gotta have it mutiny in heaven real shocks I crawled extrusion during the codeine satans nightmare nuclear free north america heartbeat destination sigma 957 off duty trip dusty delays hip hop's final the end of the night AV1Prt2 be like me blue tip arcade rider ego death pure (andre winter mix)

the evolution control committee trailer court flambe the birthday party swell maps swans contingence ag davis and anthony donovan paiboon winterkalte defranco family dr sparkles the raincoats wall stretcher international observer james hoel dave allinson and phil brown zos kia the cars mlada fronta a place to bury strangers architect

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