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Episode 776: Full Moon In Aries 2019
October 13, 2019 12:00 AM PDT
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janitor of lunacy lunar sea lunacy moonchild venus uranus cancelled refrigerator heaven candle playing the game [what shall the end be/durufle requiem/somnus bed in three pieces/uranus back/retrieving relieve/the crack in space/dunk pie upon/spaced] all the dogs are barking it's so hard C moon cry like a baby song for aries shadow of california the end watch the film exposure show me everything a small glimpse into eternity love with a thinker ease falling off the roof clowns and ballerinas the downtown lights skyscrapers of st mirin sunday morning the overload

nico camel michael gira fields of the nephilim santo and johnny skinny puppy alice cooper peter hammill gentle giant [jimmy swaggart/portland choir/undress beton/tracy lee summers/jaan patterson/joo guimares and joo filipe/stormhat/beaver and krause] pere ubu john lennon simple minds cactus blue oyster cult the doors the mekons robert fripp tindersticks architect, sonic area, and hologram_ utopia public image ltd ginger baker trio negativeland the blue nile close lobsters the bolshoi talking heads

Ginger Baker R.I.P.


Episode 558: Full Moon In Aries [2016]
October 11, 2019 12:00 AM PDT
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G2 contemplation village of ghosts extracts from exercises in conjunction with emotional responses inc. spiritus ex machina listen to converter/stone wind crash for hi-fi strange things are happening love is like oxygen angels of light that's alright

23 skidoo balkh and geoff leigh the hafler trio ontal converter merzbow red buttons sweet angels of light healing frequency w/bob dylan

Episode 775: Got To Choose
September 27, 2019 09:00 PM PDT
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fear and confusion helpless dancer head over heels time machines (parts 1 and 2) hallucinations of a cynic it's the music kaw-liga green lights forever cast your fate to the wind yellow black and rectangular nil nil yeah! oh yeah! she only gave in to her anger a larger more powerful model brave new world drug you take your medication got to choose incompetence indifference sex unter wasser I will call you again hanging on the telephone are you hung up too many fucking stairs magical digital winnipeg is a boiling pot of cranberries trampled underfoot

subhumans the whotear for fears jackofficers killing joke meat beat manifesto the residents NRBQ fleetwood mac vince guaraldi trio negativeland minimal compact magnetic fields microdisney lost in space steve miller band half moon run rex merkin kiss adrian belew DAF 6 or 7 the nerves the mothers of invention enduser rude ass tinker venetian snares vanilla fudge

New Moon In Libra 2019

Episode 774: Walkin' The Quetzal
September 20, 2019 05:00 PM PDT
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trapped play with me inside out the great gates of kiev crawl from the wreckage it's a warhorse it's a that ashas it had to be you dancing madly backwards you can't roller skate in a buffalo herd the lonely hunter busted lunatic fringe angel of the morning gingerbread man messages the night hunter china my china when the whip comes down instant karma! meet you in the subway let's submerge smithsonian institute blues everyone's gone to the moon spaced silver ships call in the night boy rock this boat the green manalishi with a two pronged crown king kong mothra water beastie cat people the horse song spirits of ancient egypt when will I return walkin' the quetzal stick your nwo up your arse

utopia toxic chicken travelling wilburys emerson lake and palmer engineers invisible sports undress beton with david icke skinny puppy marion harris ministry roger miller ultravox ray charles red rider merrilee rush the residents a flock of seagulls mlada fronta brian eno rolling stones john lennon chrome x-ray spex captain beefheart and the magic band jonathan king aerosmith golden earring talk talk thompson twins fleetwood mac the mothers of invention larvae the sensational alex harvey band david bowie iggy pop wings swans sonny and cher daznez

Saturn Stations Direct

Episode 773: September Song
September 07, 2019 11:00 PM PDT
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september song sweet is the night what I heard on the pop radio the killing jar (lepidopteristic mix) entropic field road out of hell E18 stifled love I'd like to shoot you down the death of ferdinand de saussure maid to measure fourth of july lam yaaw ailai la creep won't you ride in my little red wagon supermodel immigrant song god monster what we all want no tears rappin for jesus memories can't wait prepare to energize bivouacking so sad the world's in a tangle september song

tony bennett ELO pere ubu siouxie and the banshees the flying luttenbachers helios creed zoviet france people like us APB magnetic fields legendary pink dots negativeland angkanang kunchai revolting cocks hank penny wall stretcher chickensan the cramps gang of four psychedelic furs west dubuque 2nd church of christ living color torch song simon mathewson canned heat santo and johnny

Photo: The TR-3B's existence has never been officially confirmed

Episode 772: Enough Said
August 10, 2019 10:00 PM PDT
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make hay tie me to the length of that I'm an agent oh yeah (sunroof mix) city of angels excuse give and go potlatched cog I am a non believer india weak and wounded (andraculoid remix) constantinople high quality results spirit shield the faux bridgehead veils section B thee door is a jar white china feedback reassimilated pull armies ov thee east dachau blues kashmir inflexible authority supraradikale chirugie the body lovers part ten enough said

pere ubu public image ltd. gary numan can toxic chicken big freedia girl talk GCTTCATT boyracer tuning circuits psychedelic furs banned information with re_agent the residents ch district converter black lung paul dolden and akoustik timbre frekuency ultravox S.E.T.I. P.W.O.G. trailer court flambe captain beefheart and the magic band led zeppelin william s. burroughs telepherique the body lovers devo

Photograph: Kathrin Swoboda

Episode 771: Fill The Void With All The Faces Bleached Out
July 13, 2019 11:00 PM PDT
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the shocking truth 7th dimension understand signal ready gonna type a letter jinx a poetess needed fill the void with all faces bleached out helen is screaming firecracker undisco kidd where pathways meet boo hoo titanium 23 band of gold it's so obvious the illuminator IC water ayato silence is what we were made for wolf harbor III/ four fourty four out of control

flux information sciences ruins unsane devo billy fury tuxedomoon lezet oingo boingo rrose and banned information thighpaulsandra mass production funkadelic sun ra marvin rainwater ORG don cherry wire mad mike psychic tv planetadol with AJ joe rogan and elon musk invisible sports frank zappa/legion with AJ joe rogan and elon musk U2

Moon Jupiter in Sagittarius Conjunction
Pre Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn 2019

Episode 770: Amnerika
July 06, 2019 06:00 PM PDT
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amnerika (vocal) I walk the line speak now or forever hold your peace hearken unto my lurid gleam I wanna be your dog I can't escape myself song for america amnerika 2.0 america america brave and strong land citizen ship wrongly perceived song of angels god loves america suckling pigs game ammunition train your world customer igneous ejaculation get ready for the grave fight amnerika fight or flight the magic in you fight for love the early christian communities refused the phallic symbol of the crucifix google chrome application exorcism (vatican ambient dub) exorcism

frank zappa with napoleon murphy brock johnny cash cheap trick arthur henry fork the stooges the sound kansas lionel los warn and loveson david bowie david essex sly and the family stone mike keneally patti smith the third chain jerry harrison swans m frog labat swell maps fatima mansions naked city the temptations with black sabbath the cure frank zappa engineers ulrich schnauss 54.40 elizabeth veldon ag davis youth (killing joke) killing joke

Post 4th of July Excorcism Ritual