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Episode 726: Hearts The Pigs
July 12, 2018 11:00 PM PDT
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the reign sentimental fool push the boat out the western lands every man a god saved a life a lad insane the mo-fo's are after me drunks with guns eye of the chicken a tisket a tasket 11815iii sweet f a sun flight morra bad time smelly tongues humor me cardboard cut out sundown careless no fun tympans fainting in coils candy hearts the pigs music mad the swine eldorado I can't give everything away god-bird-change stick your new world order up your arse

of cabbages and kings roxy music gallon drunk william s burroughs toxic chicken and dino felipe homicidal schizophrenic zoogz rift pavement butthole surfers ella fitzgerald vague sweet silicon teens edu comelles the vibrators the residents pere ubu captain beefheart blawan the presets milligramme bill bruford george jones frank zappa queen electric light orchestra david bowie the tubes darren nesbitt

Partial Solar Eclipse In Cancer

Episode 725: Forever The Void
July 04, 2018 12:00 AM PDT
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independence day the stars and stripes forever the void the washing machine keep it clean are you recieving me keep searchin' love it or leave it final eyes myrrhman de heretico combure raudivian device word love you subterranean moron jackpot needle in a haystack islamatron round 1 hum we have joy (alternate mix) we call upon the author bloodsex bloodsex RSVP take it for me one time a sort of homecoming

vehicle flips us marine band the raincoats sports the vibrators xtc del shannon rega yes talk talk john 316 and anthony donovan iszoloscope blackhouse star fuckers wizard master the velvelettes the grid lr-gw vs zuirmuzik cellular chaos killing joke nick cave and the bad seeds converter zeni geva proteus chrome U2

Mars Shines Brightly in Retrograde
Happy Independance Day

Episode 724: God Said Do That (Plural)
June 29, 2018 10:00 PM PDT
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to hell with negativity moving forward flesh that walks independance say when object sports men I really feel some days are better than others god said do that (plural) zombied 200 years life with you fried deceptacon theme life is life no opportunity necessary no experience needed bubble juice high roller hamlet of kings tomorrow's world (urban primitive dub)

toxic chicken bourbonese qualk savage republic gang of four lene lovich the cure hrauomi hosono the drum club U2 todd rundgren crank sturgeon and lineland I am this big black cloud skinny puppy expansives surgery le tigre public image limited laibach yes cave dwellers crystal method the orb killing joke

Well there's a FullMoon in Capricorn conjunct Saturn and Pluto no wait, now it's conjunct Mars in Aquarius which just went retrograde and it's real close n shit - some apogee stuff, anyways, intense planetary energies - enjoy!

Episode 723: The Pilot Why Theory
June 23, 2018 03:00 AM PDT
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light language and hu tones window unacceptable face of freedom as if vietnam never happened schrapnel hyperbole egyptian lover violin de la nuit osc-a come sister let us crush our bodies and throw them to the wind fibre book troll ghost office interview with a catatonic schizophrenic/washitoff/ion the tale fist in glove no car no job maybe I was the pilot why theory (amusement parks on fire remix) recoil several styles of blonde girls dancing palisades splat

ascension path dark day test dept. nocturnal emissions dead dad egypt egypt systematic parts mlada fronta super mountain bike brothers the fall xylitol psychiatric interview series/js bach/legion meredith monk golden earring doxa sinistra the ex gang of four magazine martha and the muffins angels of light bailter space

Episode 722: Life Is Easy
June 18, 2018 01:00 PM PDT
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over the wall I shatter mirror man performance the overload the loop cunt dumbass life is easy roly poly gluttony greed lust almighty absolution desifinado sound system (underworld mix) reality crash oko moje glave matin glacial amnerika that which blots out all unseen planet dada ouga a pipi caca I never promised you a rose garden

echo and the bunnymen magnetic fields talk talk tones on tail talking heads morrissey curb your enthusiasm ai wei wei godflesh jim reeves the bags swans killing joke 999 tijuana brass drum club jah wobble /marconi union sarlo akrobata daniel heikalo frank zappa ezra turpentine yello hgich-t lynn anderson

Episode 721: Box Crafting Your Love
June 14, 2018 09:00 PM PDT
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choralone out of line careful in career terrordome indicator toy mirror bells cross the line I am god proud to be an american the corps the corps the corps keep it greasy etude opus 10 no. 9 in f minor I go blind frankly grounded set it off box crafting your love don't pay my rent be worry don't happy who fucked who pumping 4 the man 04-10-05 sunday aureated skin the wolf tones indiscreetly roam thickets happiness hote #2 fall on tears

skinny puppy klinik simple minds dylan b-key international observer young fathers art electronix helios creed negativeland the tubes sopranos frank zappa chopin 54.40 climax golden twins pavement strafe breaking bad lydia lunch oleg berg nomeansno ween fantomas jesu linear chain beefcake love spit love

New Moon In Taurus
Mercury Square Uranus

Episode 720: Fait Accompli
June 08, 2018 04:00 PM PDT
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sometimes I realise the scar am I surrounded by incompetence auto mechanic cause and effect U.W.A.h. lester piggot cell block no. 9 sadness of apollo nelda danced at daybreak whirling hall of knives trouble of the world no cruel angel auctioneer space oddity dubmix take me away (flying high mix) pump a monkey on a string my love life sterile vision driven like the snow 1940 thorn of crowns volunteers got connections got projections (the projectors cut version) fait accompli

engineers sp3ct3rs foetus jerky boys cop shoot cop rega chumbawamba saccharine trust renaldo and the loaf butthole surfers mahalia jackson swans leroy van dyke adrian sherwood babble he said charles cal stewart morrissey neurosis sisters of mercy submarines echo and the bunnymen jefferson airplane the numbers in the dream curve

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Anthony Bourdain RIP

Episode 719: Dreams Mouthing People
June 05, 2018 01:00 AM PDT
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in the eyes of nature bath of stars se ti dessi la luna honey spoon night run bells & circles what we do no shore green for go petrified kontraktion plastic calf toby life in the glad house driving away from home hyper worm tamer take me to your leader how many times self destruction part two pistol packin mama kom veacha tha sneha knom jockstrap it's four in the morning piss in the tank bulldog not beatles plastic dreams mouthing people just want to dream

swans art bears F.A.R. matthew dear cloud cloud mlada fronta underworld and iggy pop devo slovenly polyrock pere ubu sawlin org bennie moten's kansas city orchestra modern english it's immaterial grinderman/U.N.K.L.E. add n to x squonk opera nine inch nails bing crosby and the andrews sisters pan ron tomahawk faron young fargo (billy bob thornton) big city orchestra jaydee dino felipe and toxic chicken microdisney

Uranus Enters The Second Degree Of Taurus

Episode 718: Paradisiac Universal
May 29, 2018 09:07 PM PDT
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re-charged lion ground pasturn till the morning light girasol plastic doll cue problemes d'amour paradisiac universal garden way sfield late night show (theo parrish mix) going out of my town spoon deep mechanical nervous system vier personen infected

CTRLer blackhouse skinny puppy clair obscur mitch esparza dharma yellow magic orchestra alexander robotnik coil yes john oswald norma jean bell people like us underworld the quarks killing joke laibach the the

Full Moon In Sagittarius

Episode 716: A Possible End For A Dream
May 20, 2018 01:00 PM PDT
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the ghost chained to the past, present, and future I couldn't get high wild is the wind the deck of cards you've been duplicated sus the garden hides the jewel phantom tribe big balls elfmeros sabre dance sense of doubt (mueller mix) gioca decline and fall robot factory B naked 2 big tree blue sea you're not foolin me smile away all of the law a possible end for a dream

the GTO's the fugs patty waters tex ritter chrome the ruts the angels of light yechno animal plunderphonics the flying luttenbachers aram kachaturian david bowie with alex jones F.A.R. flesh for lulu swell maps chris silver golden earring silver apples paul mccartney psychedelic furs chilton taylor thompson

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